Jervoise Bay Sailing Club

My next door neighbor, Paul, is the Commodore of the Jervoise Bay Sailing Club—located in Woodman Point Park in the southern suburb of Munster.

I was blessed with the opportunity to witness the youth sailing courses. A group of children around 10-years old fearlessly set up their catamarans, and launched out into the sea with only an instructor’s boat following. While riding in on the instructor’s boat and got to witness a few capsizes and assisted in the un-capsizing process. Only one child out of 10-15 had to be taken out of the catamaran onto the instructor’s boat. She was noticeably the younger—if not the youngest—one out of the group of 10-15 children.

Children setting up their catamarans for the youth sailing school at Jervoise Bay

Four Catamarans

I admire the families of this sailing club in trusting their child’s abilities, while supervising from afar without interfering unless absolutely necessary. Some of the parents don’t even sail themselves, but are out here for their children. The children here are very social in a group mixed equally with both children and adults, and talks to whomever without an ounce of shyness. It’s certainly a huge difference for me—coming from a huge international city and having parents with a child-raising mindset from China.

Random sailing tip: Winds are named by where they come and currents are named by where it goes.

If you’re ever around Perth, and want to visit the Jervoise Bay Sailing Club, check out their Facebook page to contact them.

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