Margaret River

This weekend I traveled to Margaret River, a tiny little town 300km south of Perth.

Situated along the coastline, the Margaret River is world renowned for its ideal surfing location (There was an international surf competition while we were there).

The region’s mediterranean weather boasts a healthy wine region. Tastings are generally free (This is awesome when having grown up near the Napa and Central Coast region of California where you have to pay for all tastings). My favorite winery is Vasse Felix, in both wines and ambiance.

Vasse Felix
Wines at Vasse Felix

We also made a pit-stop in the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. Unfortunately for me, having worked in a chocolate production facility for three years, my attention span quickly withered.

Margaret River Chocolate Company
Chocolates at the Margaret River Chocolate Company

Other sites to visit in this area is the several hundreds of caves within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

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