Byron Bay

Nested in the top end of New South Wales, Australia lies a little oceanside hippy/tourist town called Byron Bay. Fun fact: the headland of Byron Bay is the eastern most point of Australia. This town is filled with plenty of boutiques and restaurants; price-wise, it’s a little bit on the expensive side due to its popularity as a holiday hotspot.

A must-see or do when in Byron Bay is the Lighthouse Walk. This coastal trail (paved) provides stunning views of the beaches and cliffside. More often than not, you will see whales migrating close to land. If not whales, wait for dolphins or turtles popping out. The lighthouse also provides free tours where you actually get to go to the top balcony of the lighthouse, offering breathtaking 360 degree views of Byron Bay and the ocean.

View from atop the Lighthouse
View from atop the Lighthouse
Baby humpback whale swimming close to the coast
Baby humpback whale swimming close to the coast

My favorite beer in all of Australia has got to be the Pale Lager from the Byron Bay Brewing Company. The venue itself boasts two massive seating areas, one being outside with live entertainment, and is decorated in tropical Buddha theme to match the hippy and happy vibe of this town.

Next door to the brewhouse is Arts Factory Lodge, a hostel like no other where you can actually sleep in a teepee. There is a massive campground and normal dorm-style accomodation. Each day at the Arts Factory provides a range of workshops ranging from African drumming to didgeridoo making (which is a bit odd because traditional didgeridoos were made from termites). There is also a recording studio at this hostel for the musically inclined. Behind the campgrounds is the hostel’s eco-garden where guests can volunteer to help maintain the premise in exchange for fresh organic produce.

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