Hi! I’m Skyline, and thank you for visiting Baaad Goat—an outdoor adventure blog filled with resources and inspiration for adventurers.

I have no wilderness stories from my childhood to share—my first time setting up a tent was in my third year of college. Growing up, my immigrant family was too busy trying to raise three children on minimum wage salaries. Time and money that could be spent on camping gear was better spent on feeding bellies.

Wilderness came to me in the form of a college surrounded by rolling hills, miles of easily accessible trails, and a heavily active community. Hiking lead to camping, then to backpacking, then rock climbing, then skiing, then obviously mountaineering, and so forth. I tumbled into a world where many people would call “extreme sports”. What surprised me in the process of learning, was that it wasn’t hard to get into these activities at all. With a little research, giving up a night at the bars for gear/gear rental, and a lot of ambition, getting yourself into the wilderness is easily attainable.

It’s easy for me to say “easily attainable”, but I’ve been in many conversations where others simply cannot fathom or visualize what the process, journey, or outcome would be when making an outdoor excursion. I’ve created this blog to help break down as many barriers of preparation and planning for others—so they can focus on getting excited about being outdoors.