Getting a Job Without Applying for it

This is the story of how I got a job without applying for it.

Krystal, the other CouchSurfer who had been staying with my host in Victoria Park, had spent two days sending out her resume to local businesses. She eventually got a job with The Blue Duck, a beachside restaurant in Cottesloe. A day or two later (Thursday/yesterday to be exact), she receives a call from The Crowded House for immediate help. Having acquired a job already, she politely refused them and recommended me. I went in the same night for a trial and got the job. Thank you, Krystal.

The Crowded House is a French influenced fine dining restaurant located on a residential street in South Fremantle and meters away from the beach. The artwork and pottery featured in the restaurant was made by none other than the owner’s grandfather, Guy Grey-Smith, a famous Australian artist. The current owner, Tim Grey-Smith, is also a council member of Fremantle.

In general, the ambiance of The Crowded House is warm and inviting and their wine selection is amazing. Best of all, the staff is awesome to work with; encouraging and helpful.

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