My Humble Abode

Kite Surfers

After a week of Couch Surfing, I moved into a house in Cottesloe. Cottesloe is your quintessential embodiment of a beach town. Its a suburb boasting sunny weather, clear blue ocean waters, surfers, and children playing on the beach. Dotted along the grassy area above the beach are exercise equipment for public use. Across the street is littered with restaurants of all types—fish & chips to fine dining. They even have yoga on the lawn, hosted by Lululemon.

The house itself has a passionfruit tree! I must say, this is one ugly fruit… I’m reminded of an alien guts or an alien’s pet that viciously bites people with its slobbering mouth. Nonetheless, it tastes great!

There is a vegetable garden that includes basil, bell peppers (capsicum as they call it by its scientific name here), tomatoes, cantaloupe (rock mellon), mandarin tree, and some other things I have no idea about.


Inner guts of a passion fruit

We have a jacuzzi that I don’t think I would ever use given that it’s been 35-40C degrees in the past week. Natives claim there is a winter but I’m skeptical. I’ll believe it when I feel it.

What I loved most about Cottesloe, and many other beach towns in the region, is that rescue efforts are all organization and volunteer-based. In the United States, at least in San Francisco, you can rely on the Coast Guard to provide ocean rescue services. Volunteers receive free training in return for commitment and attendance. If I had a better idea of my timeline and finances, I certainly would have take advantage of this opportunity.

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